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PowerPick's New Online Ordering System

It's FUN - It's FAST - It's EZ!!!

Dear Member,
You can still order the way you do now (phone or email),
but we are positive you will find this new way of ordering More Convenient!!

If you want, you can order now through EZP!! Just click on the EZPooling link above. When you are on the site, just click on Login and enter your ID number. If you forgot your Password, don't worry - we provide you with a link to retrieve your Password in seconds!!

1. Order ANY selections ANYTIME - That's 7 Days a Week

2. View Your Numbers Instantly

3. Balance Displayed on All Order Screens

4. Detailed History of Your Winnings & Transactions

5. More Choices of Group Sizes & Ticket Quantities

6. Hot Ticket Special Bonus - (Special Bonus)

7. Make A Deposit - Play With Your Balance - (Why a Deposit?)

8. Receive Up To $50 For Each Referral!! - (Bonus Referral)